vendredi, août 31, 2018

Le petit dejeuner chez nous - Our Fresh Breakfast! - Nuestro desayunito Peruano

Le Petit-Odéjeuner (desayuno) typique Péruvien
Our guest enjoy Peruvian breakfast with us!

Pain frais et fruits locaux en abondance
In our breakfast, there are always freshly baked breads and plenty of local fruits, 
which prepare your food with great energy! 

We are also happy to provide the healthy foods for the family travlers.

Our little guests enjoy the choco hot latte and fresh juice that we prepared for them! 

                                                Local choices at breakfast like the quinoa
                                        you can see in the pot for a real Peruvian experience

Petit-déjeuner continental continental avec du fromage, du jambon et des fruits d'origine locale
Continental breakfast with cheese, hams et locally sourced fruit 

Différents types de fruits et légumes sont servis selon la saison
Different kinds of fruit and vegetable are served according to season.

                         What can be better than start a day with great breafast and great companies!

                      We love to serve the different type of peruvian fruits for our guests´ breakfast.

Chocolat chaude, Nesquik etc. pour les enfants
Hot chocolate, Nesquik etc. for the little ones

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