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Authentic Peruvian Dinner by the Host! - Nuestras Cenas Peruanas preparadas por Mama Melania

The Homemade Peruvian Dishes by the Host
Our dinner is always prepared by Arturo´s mother, who always uses the finest ingredients to give our guests the most authentic experience of peruvian dishes. 
Here, you will feel like having dinner in your own house, always warm and cozy. By join our dinner gathering, we promises a delicious and enjoyable time will add another dimension to your stay in the wonder Peru. 
All the dinner reservation can be reached by the e- mail:

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Arturo and his family welcome our french guests with a toast to start out the dinner.

We offer a complete tradicional Peruvian dinner which comes with appetizer, entrance, main plate, desert and drinks all prepared by Arturo´s mom in our home.

Cheers for a great time in Lima

                 Enjoy a real tradicional and tasty meal prepared especially for the guests in our lovely home.

Dinner picture of amazing people!

Dinner prepared for us for our French guest after his arrival in our house. We enjoyed a lot of their company.

Our french guest celebrating her birthday in our house. What a pleasure to share this moment with them!

Finish our dinner with great wine and dessert! 

    After a long day adventure, nothing is better than seatting down and enjoy the nice peruvian with the family. 

Another great dinnr with our new friends! Cheers!

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